Feng Shui for Better Sleep


When is the last time you had a great night’s sleep? A good night’s sleep is invaluable. It can make or break the next day regarding temperament, consumption (i.e., caffeine), and productivity. Do you agree?

In honor of the National Sleep Foundation’s forthcoming annual Sleep Awareness Week, I want to provide some tips. One factor to consider for a better night’s rest is the direction you sleep (meaning compass direction); in other words, the direction for the top of your head (where the headboard appears) and bottom of your feet.

Some may ask what a compass has to do with it. Compasses are based on magnetic North or South and reveal the eight directions. When we are born, we have an internal compass which helps us to crawl, walk and eventually run. We may not be aware of it, but we consciously or unconsciously think about directions throughout each day. The sun rising and setting is a good example. Even in days of old people travelled with the sun at their back in the morning and then at night so that glare wouldn’t affect their site. If you bicycle, drive, or travel – directions are part of life.

So what are your supportive directions? There is a way for you to determine directions that best support you or someone you care about. Use my free calculator to determine your Ming Gua or birth number. Enter your birth date and gender then select calculate. Your birth gender is key to the calculations because males are calculated differently than females. Note: This is not numerology.

Once you have your Ming Gua number, scroll down the same webpage to see the gray chart. Use the zoom function if needed. The fourth column of directions represents your most restful direction, meaning you want this at the top of your head; however, any of the first four columns can work.

Does this really work? Don’t take my word for it, hear from others:

There are countless studies regarding sleep. Here are a few that cover directions too:

There are more tips about bedrooms on my YouTube channel. This link shows a quick list. If you subscribe to my channel you’ll be notified when a new video is uploaded.

Be intentional about where you sleep. Keep the environment as yin (or restful) as possible. Bedrooms and the people sleeping in them are addressed in depth during residential consults. Schedule your no-cost consultation today!

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