Strategy Sessions

Personal Strategy Session

Your Personal Strategy Session is actually two-fold and explores your personal Feng Shui and Chinese astrology impacts for 2019. What is your energy for the upcoming nine (fire) Feng Shui year? How does its earth dog Chinese astrology affect you? What are your trends for wealth, career, relationships, and health? A customized strategy session is with Feng [...]

Personal Strategy Session2019-08-06T18:06:05-04:00

Feng Shui Career Strategy Session

By popular request, we’re offering one-on-one coaching sessions to discuss your Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology -- and how these principals can help you with career choices. Countless people have done these and absolutely love them. Some had ah-ha moments, some changed their approach with their current job, and some changed direction all together. For those [...]

Feng Shui Career Strategy Session2019-08-06T18:09:45-04:00

Feng Shui Relationship Strategy Session

Who should you be attracting into your life? Who will support your vision, goals, and desires? We live in a social world where we interact with people all the time. Relationships include spouses, partners, friends, associates, acquaintances, and let's not forget social media. A Feng Shui relationship strategy session helps you navigate effectively in the [...]

Feng Shui Relationship Strategy Session2019-08-06T18:10:22-04:00