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How Can Classic Feng Shui Help You?

As a society, we’ve lost our way. We think we’re smarter than Mother Nature and are living reactively. The results of that are sick homes, sick buildings, and sick people. The world is out of balance. We need to reconnect with the wisdom of the ages. We can, and must, manage our environments to promote wellness and healing in the world. It can be done!

Ask yourself. Do I want to experience more peace and joy? How can I attract more loving and supporting relationships? What can I accomplish when financially or emotionally free? Would a more satisfying career produce more abundance? What might that career look like? Do I set goals but fall short of attaining them? Is there room for improvement with my well being, self esteem, or patience? Do I want a successful business, to expand my influence, be more generous, and make a difference?

Our clients have results in all these areas and more! Do you want results too? Learn more about our services.

About Diana Garber

Diana Garber is the President and Creative Environment Officer© (CEO) of Intuitive Concepts, Inc. As a Feng Shui Master, her mission is to ‘Feng Shui the world’ which means she focuses on changing the world, one business, one home, one person at a time.© 

  • 1st Feng Shui Certified Practitioner Member of the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine
  • 1st Feng Shui Master Credentialed in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • 1st Feng Shui Master to Formerly be a Vice President for a Fortune 100 Company
  • 1st Feng Shui Master Credentialed by a Major U.S. University
  • 1st Feng Shui Master to Speak at a Medical Convention
  • 1st LEED & Feng Shui Auto Dealership
  • 1st U.S. Feng Shui’d Medical Clinic
  • 1st U.S. Feng-Shui Constructed Office Building
  • 1st U.S. Feng-Shui'd Non-profit Headquarters
  • 1st Texas and Ohio Feng Shui’d Medical Clinics
  • 1st U.S. Dance Studio Designed According to Feng Shui Principles

Her unparalleled expertise in energy and risk management includes 30 years of advanced Feng Shui study; and decades in business continuity and disaster recovery, information technology, business management, education and training; health-care and banking industries, and project management. 


As a Feng Shui consultant, Diana served as a clinical instructor and Feng Shui practitioner for The Ohio State University, and was Director of Education for the International Feng Shui Guild. Her commitment to excellence is the primary reason her company, Intuitive Concepts, is a highly-respected, international consulting firm with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau


As a measure of her professional dedication, she's involved with the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine, Association of Feng Shui Consultants, American Society of Dowsers, Feng Shui Network (Australia), Feng Shui Society (UK), Green America, GreenBiz Intelligence Panel, International Feng Shui Guild (U.S.), International Institute of Bau-Biology & Ecology, and the U.S. Green Building Council. For more detail, visit this link.

About Intuitive Concepts

Intuitive Concepts is a highly-respected, international consulting firm founded in 1998 by lead consultant, Diana Garber. Intuitive Concepts has participated with the Builders Industry Assoc. (BIA), is a member of Green America, National Assoc. of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), and Chamber of Commerce.


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