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Body Wisdom Grand Reopening - Come Feel The Feng Shui Difference
Join us 12/4/16 for massages, food, beverage, wellness classes, Feng Shui tours, gift & door prizes!
Want Help with 2016? MyFocus is Amazing!
Are you feeling off balance? Many of us are. The good news is: 1) it’s partly due to the energy of the year (so it’s temporary); and 2) here is something that will help — introducing MyFocus™!
Aromatherapy & Essential Oils for Health & Wellness
How can you empower yourself & your living environment? This is a customized FREE class.
Wireless routers, tablets, laptops, baby monitors, and cell phones are all risk factors ...
Be in the know to be proactive ...
Join Marilyn and Joeaux as they ask Diana about Feng Shui and the energy of 2015 ...
NCCAM article had interesting results ...
It's all in how you handle it. Manage your energy consciously, or unconsciously it manages you.(c)
Make educated choices to stay healthy and happy during this holiday season. Peace, joy, and love to you and yours.
A must read!