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Happiness Hangout on BBS Radio
How can you experience more happiness? Free live broadcast. If you miss it, listen to the podcast...
What Events Do You Want in 2016?
Brainstorming on topics and this is what I've come up with thusfar ... your thoughts?
It's All About You! Let's Capitalize on Your Creativity, Your Public Image, and Social Interactions
Kaboom! Chaos produces creativity, even for the Feng Shui results lady!
Feng Shui Case Study of a Wellness Center
Feng Shui Case Study of a Wellness Center
Women, men, love, entrances, mentors, music, family rooms, balance, beauty, bedrooms -- we're covering a LOT of ground. Join us!
Wireless routers, tablets, laptops, baby monitors, and cell phones are all risk factors ...
Learn how Feng Shui affects a house and you in it. Distinguish myth from fact with Feng Shui Master Diana Garber.
Elyza loved her 2015 personal strategy session ...
February 2015 Monthly Special -- Feng Shui Strategy Session
Join Marilyn and Joeaux as they ask Diana about Feng Shui and the energy of 2015 ...