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Feng Shui for Learning Centers, Labs, and Classrooms
Feng Shui for Learning Centers, Labs, and Classrooms

Did you know there are buildings that support learning and healing, and those that don’t? Were you aware the same applies to individual rooms (i.e., labs and classrooms)? In addition, the arrangement of a room can support its occupants (student, patients, and instructors) or cause them be agitated, guarded, or even zone out.


There are actions that can be taken to promote focus, productivity, creativity, and even wellness. Feng Shui harnesses unseen energy and redirects it in a knowledgeable way. By using Feng Shui (light, color, texture, shapes, placement, etc.) benefits unfold.


We’ll discuss research that demonstrates our reaction to the environment. We will experience positive impacts by changing rooms to encourage collaboration and participation. We’ll also delve into yearly trends that affect students’ learning styles and teachers’ reactions.


This workshop is co-presented with Workforce Development Innovation Center at Central Ohio Technical College. Here is the flyer.


Visit this link to register. The workshop is free but registration is required by July 13.

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