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Feng Shui Case Study of a Wellness Center
Feng Shui Case Study of a Wellness Center
Choose Quality Versus Quantity
For consistent and profound results, as well as time and cost savings, do it right the first time!
Be the best communicator you can be, and support clients in a way they'll appreciate ...
These help management and staff understand how Feng Shui impacts them (the building, the team, and each member); and how to apply it even at home.
This client said the change in numbers was spot on ...
Empower physicians, practitioners, staff, and patients ...
February starts the Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology New Year. What's in store for us?
It's all in how you handle it. Manage your energy consciously, or unconsciously it manages you.(c)
What trends are there for 2015? What can you do about it?
Diana Garber, Feng Shui Master for Intuitive Concepts, is Speaking at the Universal Life Expo October 26. “2015 Will Be An Interesting Year. Be Informed To Make The Best of It!”