l really appreciate you taking me on for my Walkabout. Especially after working with you, l realize you went way out of your way to accommodate me. You put off travel, and always asked how l felt about the experience. ln addition you were concerned about me learning what l wanted to. That is far more than what the other mentors have done. This experience has been one of the single most perception altering experiences l have ever had. l learned about myself, and my preferences. l also was able to learn about feng shui from an expert. l view things differently now. Whether l am looking at numerology, identifying elements in a person‘s home, or simply evaluating a structure, my perception is permanently changed. l can’t thank you enough. You helped me out with spring break, talked with me about my family, as well as helping me find a second placement. I can talk to you about anything which is difficult for me to even do with my peers. This experience has been amazing, thanks to you. Again, l really appreciate everything you have done.

I am looking forward to our future with Intuitive Concepts, Jacqute