When I first began considering the possibility of following 

Diana’s advice and direction regarding applying the art of Feng Shui to my home, I was excited at the prospect of gaining more peace, tranquility and abundance in my life. Being a type A personality, I’ve always been high strung, on the run, workaholic, never stopping to breathe kind of person. I never had time to ‘smell the roses’ and that was something I had longed for but could never have.


Because my real estate career had diminished drastically, I had taken up the business of being an Officiant by getting my license with the State of Ohio in order to marry couples. I had to find something to do which was both fun and fulfilling to supplement my income. To see the radiant faces of brides and grooms, happy families and lovely venues really helped me from becoming depressed and locked into a business which may take years to re establish. I wanted to achieve more success in both of my businesses and that is why I decided to trust Diana and follow her advice. I thought by listening to her both of my businesses would have a better chance of flourishing.


When Diana and I discussed the concept of marketing her Feng Shui Certified Homes, and I was honored that she had chosen me. I told her if it worked for me and I could honestly promote the benefits of the results, I’d be happy to have her as a partner in the process. There are many other Realtors stating they sell ‘Feng Shui’ homes. I always thought Feng Shui meant having a ‘Money Frog’ at your front door, a Chinese chest, some sort of statue, wind chimes, etc., and in fact, that is just what they do. They follow the Bagua and every house is the same. They are practicing ‘Black Feng Shui’.


Little did I know the difference between Black Feng Shui and Classic Feng Shui. I had a lot to learn but I wanted to know what it was all about. I could see the real benefits and possibilities of marketing Certified Feng Shui homes as a Real Estate Broker.


I’ve had many calls over the years from Asian buyers who asked me which way the home faced, where the stairs were located, which way the master bedroom faced, etc., and I always answered them but never knew why they asked the questions. Now I know, and now I believe I can help.


I met Diana on a shopping mall project in 2008, and I’ve seen her in action. I’ve attended her seminars and I truly appreciate her talents and her knowledge of the very complicated and technical art of Feng Shui. I my lifetime, I don’t think I’ll ever get a firm grip on all the complexities of it, however, what I wanted to do was to test it out to see if it worked for me.


When Diana first visited my home in the winter of 2008, she talked with me about many things: my attitude, my goals, my health, and what I was wanting to achieve from implementing Feng Shui in my life. One of the things I didn’t even realize was a benefit was the fact that she saw prosperity and wealth in my office, but told me that many times, nothing comes to completion there. I have struggled for years to pull deals together, and in fact, have been working on one commercial deal for 5 years, which has never closed. There was a project prior to that one which went on for 6 years and never closed, so after hearing that, I thought, what the heck….nothing else is working, and even though I don’t totally understand the concept, since I trusted Diana, I decided to take the chance that it would make positive changes in my life, so I went for it!


Diana drew a diagram of my home based on compass readings, my birth year, the year the house was built, my numbers, etc., and explained the reasons for the necessary changes. Luckily, my bedroom was in the proper area of the house for a head female, so I didn’t have to move that room, and the only real changes she recommended were a total change of colors, and the removal of all taxidermy and dried flowers from my home.  Being an animal lover, I had collected some beautiful specimens of deer, caribou and owls, which I had mounted on my great room wall. She explained to me that anything dead sucks the life out of the living. One interesting thing Diana related to me is that your house is alive…just like you. It grows older every day….just like you. I had never given that any thought, but she was right. There was no need to have anything dead diminishing life around me, so I got rid of them.


Then, after doing compass calculations and charting the floor plan of the house, she told me I lived in a “fire” house and that this is a fire year. I had one dining room wall and a kitchen backsplash wall, which were both fire engine red.  They had to go! I was really hesitant to get rid of them because I liked them so, but I promised I’d follow instructions, so in blind faith, I began the process.


Little did I know how blown away I would be when I received my color instructions! My bedroom was considered a “water” room, my kitchen was considered a “wood” room, and the entire rest of my home was considered “metal”.  I headed off to the paint store and spent hours looking over colors I might consider…OMG!


My mother had always told me she thought blue was depressing, and so I did too. Green’s never did much for me, and the thought of grey, black, white, silver, brass, steel, iron or gold absolutely blew me down. I have always loved taupes, beiges, creams, reds and whites in my decorating schemes, but had no idea how I was going to tolerate grey everywhere.  So, I chose 2 shades of grey for my office, 3 shades of aqua for my bedroom and bath, 2 shades of grey for the guest room, 3 shades of green for the kitchen, and 4 shades of grey for the great room. Fortunately, the main bath was already done in gold and yellow, so it did not have to be re done.


I had been introduced to a wonderful painter by a good friend by the name of Queen Esther Fain. When Queen began painting for me, she and I didn’t really know each other very well. Over the two weeks we worked together, we became really good friends, and I have to say, I’ve never seen anyone throw themselves into their work as Queen did. She treated the project as if it was her own home. Her work is meticulous and better than any other professional painter I have ever hired. She went the extra mile to do the most phenomenal job!  I highly recommend her and she is now on her way to many of my friends to paint for them. She is a darling!


As we went into the project, Queen commented over and over that “the walls did not seem to want to be painted”. She had a great deal of difficulty getting the walls in the hallway and great room to take the paint properly. It was frustrating for her and she commented more than once that they were fighting her.  On one wall in particular, the color of the paint changed as she painted it. It was almost as though there was a spirit here that did not want to be shut out. I later found out from Diana that it is very common for that to happen.


During the project, my dog became depressed, most likely due to the disarray of things, I became depressed a little because it turned into a bigger project than I had imagined. It took us 2 straight weeks of painting, cleaning out, re arranging, cleaning, and re organizing. And oh, neither Queen nor I had ever wallpapered before. We papered the kitchen with my brother’s  instructional help and it turned out beautifully. We both learned something new and had a great time doing it.


All I had to purchase paint, bedspreads and pillows and several lampshades. The rest of the project consisted of thinking about minimizing and placement. I had a lot of antique and contemporary pieces as well as artwork and stained glass windows, which seemed to fall into place and display beautifully. We were finished just in time for Diana’s appointment to take ‘after’ photos. What a job it was!


When Diana came for the appointment to see the results, she took the photos and we sat and talked about results.

She asked me what I was feeling after all of the work had been done. I told her that for some reason, I was feeling a great sense of calm and peacefulness. The house looks much bigger, all clutter is gone, and I am deliriously happy with the color choice. In a million years, I would have never thought I’d love the color grey, but I do! It is so tasteful, refined and elegant the rooms look alive. My bedroom is a retreat and I fall asleep the minute my head hits the pillow. It is all SO relaxing.


Before Diana left from her last visit, she cleansed the house from top to bottom by ringing a bell, which has been blessed by Monks made from 9 metals. She only found a couple of areas where the bell tone was suspect, but after she cleansed the house, she swept it all outside. She even cleansed me with the bell and found a shoulder problem I’d not told her about. It was extremely interesting and very enlightening.


When she left, she told me that the next day I should have some new feelings, and did I ever! Now, when I walk through the house, I feel relaxed, at peace, I experience no more anxiety or tension at all.. it is amazing. Many of the aspects of my house I used to worry about are of no consequence any more, I feel positive and renewed again, and the most interesting thing is that I feel totally safe living alone. I no longer listen for noises at night because I feel so secure.


Until someone experiences Feng Shui, there is no way to explain it. It works, it’s real and it’s peaceful. Even my guests leave here feeling relaxed and refreshed. One of my friends is begging me to let her stay overnight in the guest room because it feels so wonderful to her.


More to come…..


Bonnie MacAllister