February 19, 2010



To Whom It May Concern:


I found myself looking for a way to achieve my goals and Feng Shui seemed to be a great fit for me. I have strong beliefs in energy and flow and so I made the appointment to meet with Diana Garber of Intuitive Concepts. My goals were:


1.      Move into a new house

2.      Find a life partner

3.      Improve finances

4.      Progress in my career

5.      Maintain or improve my health. 


These are all big challenges and a bit much to ask for.


I hired Diana in 2003 and figured that at the point (in my life) what could it hurt. The whole process was very informative and provided me much explanation about my circumstances. 


I feel that my life would be very much different if I had not completed this whole process. As a result, I ended up purchasing a new house, meeting the partner of my dreams, my career has soared as a model, and finances improved. I was also able to progress my professional health-care career with a certification.


The services Intuitive Concepts provided were very organized, well explained, and a report followed with great detail. Even seven years later, Diana checks in on me. How many businesses do that kind of follow up?


This business is very high quality and full of integrity. I hope you’ll strongly consider Intuitive Concepts for the Torch Award, as they are very fitting for the quality service attained.


Thank you, Sincerely,



Camala LaRocco

1848  Woodglen Ct.. NW

Lancaster, Ohio 43130

(740) 974-1807