Leesa Scott




April 2, 2012




I wanted to take a moment to write you on how having you come into my business has affected my work, patients, and the space in general.


When I recently asked you to Feng Shui my office, I thought I had an idea of what to expect in terms of how it would ‘feel’ in my space and the ease with me being there. What I hadn’t thought of was how it would affect those who came to me for treatments. The very first person who came in after I had painted my walls said, “it feels like a cloud in here, what did you do?”


I have also noticed the ease at which my schedule fills, and how some of the patients who have come to me for maintenance have decided they don’t need to come in so often -- because they are doing so well!


Also, I got money back on my taxes, and that rarely happen.


I have finished one room and hope to have the others done in the next month, I am expecting great things!


Thank You for offering such a great healing service.


Leesa Scott