March 1, 2010


To Whom It May Concern:

Integrity. Deliberation. Enlightenment. Action. Language. Our value system is clear and more importantly, unmistakable to our clients, affiliates, vendors, and peers.

As an employee of Intuitive Concepts for nearly three years, I can attest to our dedication to integrity, extraordinary service, and measurable results. Our practices supersede that of others in the industry and are evidenced by client testimonies and the numerous accolades we have received.

Intuitive Concepts has a value-added approach to Feng Shui, the global culture, and its employees. The skills attained from working with this company have added to my life personally and professionally. I feel as though I am making an impact in our company and for our clients, a trait extremely important to me and one lacking in so many corporations.

Diana Garber uses empowerment and continuous feedback to help shape her employees and encourage them to be the best they can be. While strict guidelines and procedures ensure excellence externally, they also teach proficiency and diligence internally. I received a Master’s Degree in Business Administration while working with Intuitive Concepts and am personally and professionally dedicated to our charge.

With the deepest respect and admiration of our President, our mission, and our values, I highly recommend Intuitive Concepts be chosen for the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award.



Erica A. Wendt, MBA

  Creative Operations Officer©                                                                                                             

Intuitive Concepts, Inc.