Leesa Scott




To Whom It May Concern:


Diana and I were part of a small group of professionals hand picked to open a new initiative in

Columbus, Ohio. This center was to encompass the ‘best of the best in their field’ in Integrative

Medicine. It was sponsored by The Ohio State University. When we were first approached in 2004 to come together to open and run the center for Integrative Medicine at OSU we didn’t have a building to hold us.


The then-director knew if this initiative was to be a success, she needed the right location. OSU wanted it on or close to West Columbus Campus. Diana was asked to help with the remodeling of the building, which had been a family-run construction business for many years. The family and business had a falling out, so it was believed that Feng Shui would help this new initiative have a fresh start and a better outcome.


I met Diana in 2005 after she transitioned from contractor to faculty. She asked to interview all faculty and staff housed in this building. Her goal was to place each of us in the best onsite area for our success and well being. A date was selected (which Diana helped with) for the center’s grand opening. The medical director said it was definitely one of OSU’s success stories.


After a year, some of the faculty started to change the building’s interior to their own accord (not following the Feng Shui plan). The rest of us noticed a negative reaction to this - energy deteriorated, patient bookings fell, morale declined, and a lot of good people started to leave. It validated that Feng Shui made a difference.


I’ve worked in my field for 16 years, and working with Diana was the first and only time I had been cared for in such a way. She worked tirelessly with each of us listening to our questions and concerns, and to help us and the center become a success in the most happy and healthy environment this location could offer.


We’ve been friends from the first moment we met, and continue to work together professionally and personally. I know Intuitive Concepts meets the high standards this award represents, and I am proud to say “Diana is my friend and will do a wonderful job for you.”


In Good Health,

Leesa Scott  LMT, SER