Chrysalis Hair Designs                                                                                 

PO Box 331                   

Granville, OH 43023

May 22, 2009


To Whom It May Concern:

When I hired Intuitive Concepts in 2007, my goals as a business owner were: 1) Have my salon feel more settled; 2) Clients enjoy their experience; 3) Increase client loyalty (more repeat clients); and 4) Increase business to the point where we outgrow our space by the time the lease is up. It didn’t take long for these goals to be realized. Things improved and our schedule became busy enough that we hired more people. I’m proof that classic Feng Shui really works.

During the course of the year, Diana Garber and Erica Wendt held quarterly meetings with me to assess my progress and statistically track our growth. They were also available any time I needed them. After only three months of working with Intuitive Concepts, our sales increased 100% from the previous year’s quarter and our return clients grew 64%. With the small changes we made, our clients thought we had completely remodeled. This energy shift, resulting from practical solutions, was something we all felt. 

I was astonished when results continued. While most are experiencing a downturn due to the economy, we’re thriving. Our sales are up 109% from this time last year and the average ticket sale is now 119%. I continue to hire Intuitive Concepts for their yearly updates and insights to ensure our progress continues.

Now that we’re ready to search for new retail space, you can rest assured they’ll be an integral part of that process too. If you’re a business owner who wants to lead your competition, make Intuitive Concepts a part of your team.


Michele Walker Lawrence, Owner