Intuitive Concepts' Manifesto

Listen. Everything around us speaks if we’re open to hearing it.

As a society, we’ve lost our way ... lost our connection to Mother Nature. We think we’re smarter than She, resulting in a world out of balance producing sick buildings, sick homes, and sick people. The solution: Acknowledge, assess, address.

We can, and must, reconnect with the wisdom of the ages to manage our environments, promote wellness and healing in the world, and produce quantifiable results.

If we don't manage our environment, it will manage us. That's why I am changing the conversation around Feng Shui... what it is, what it isn't, and its indisputable connection to wellness. Classic Feng Shui influences everything.

I don’t just rearrange rooms, I re-energize lives.

Intuitive Concepts' Movement

Our movement is changing the conversation around Feng Shui: What it is, what it’s not, its indisputable connection to wellness, and quantifiable results.

Advisory Board


I'd like to thank the advisory board and staff for their efforts in helping Mother Earth, and healing man's impact to Her (buildings, technology, etc.) and human/animal kind.